1000 Points Calculator – Calculate dangerous goods points in 2 min

What is the 1000 points calculator?

Dangerous goods legislation provides facilitations for the transport of packaged dangerous goods in small quantities. Depending on the type of transport and the quantity, certain exemptions can be claimed. If 1000 points are not exceeded according to the “1000 point rule” in section ADR, the transport is exempt from certain regulations, such as the marking of the transport unit, the ADR certificate and the instructions in writing. Important: However, some regulations remain in force, i.e. one cannot speak of a complete exemption in this case.

With the help of our dangerous goods points calculator, you can quickly determine the point value of your cargo and whether the transport unit is subject to labeling or not.

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In our dangerous goods points calculator, dangerous goods expert Thomas Strigel easily calculates your dangerous goods points based on your information.

How does the 1000 points calculator work?

The ProSafeCon 1000-point calculator is very easy to use online.

To calculate the unitless total, you must have at least the following information available:

The effective calculation is then based on the transport category (between 0 and 4) assigned to the unique dangerous goods entry. Depending on the transport category, the quantity of dangerous goods must be multiplied by a factor between 0 and 50.

Please note, if you are transporting Class 1 (explosive) or Class 7 (radioactive) products, that a large number of special regulations apply, which must be checked in detail – especially when combining various subsidiary hazards. These as well as mixed loading prohibitions are NOT checked by the computer. No liability is assumed for the points calculation.

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