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We are your consultants in the areas of dangerous goods, occupational safety, hazardous materials and waste.
As your partner, we support you throughout Germany in fulfilling your legal obligations. For this, we offer you transparent package prices. So you can plan your budget safely.

Our services at a glance

Dangerous goods safety advisor

Are you involved in the transport of dangerous goods? Do you need a dangerous goods safety advisor? Here you can find out more about external dangerous goods assignment for the transport modes road (ADR), ocean shipping (IMDG), air (IATA), rail (RID) and inland shipping (ADN).

Hazardous materials safety advisor

When you store hazardous substances, you are subject to a large number of legal regulations. As an external hazardous materials officer, we provide you with practical support for correct storage and ensure that you do not lose track of the requirements.

Spielfiguren mit Sicherheitshelmen

Work safety specialist

As an external specialist for work safety, we will be happy to help you with any questions you may have on the subject of work safety. The goal is that your employees leave the company in the evening just as healthy as they entered it in the morning. This creates trust.

Waste specialist

Are you a company that needs a waste officer according to the German Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act (KrWG)? We support you as an external waste officer e.g. in the material flow analysis, the development of concepts for the introduction of environmentally friendly and low-waste processes, as well as the preparation of the waste balance and the annual report.

Fire protection officer

An external fire protection officer from ProSafeCon is the central contact person for all fire protection issues in the company for all questions of preventive, defensive and organizational fire protection as well as in company emergency management.

Hazardous substances register

The authority requires a cadastre according to the Water Resources Act? You need a cadastre as part of the risk assessment for occupational health and safety? Do you ship hazardous goods? Then you need a professional cadastre! We are your contact for uncomplicated and quick creation.

Rack inspection

Do you have racking systems in your company that require inspection?
You want to take responsibility for occupational safety in your company’s warehouse?
Then you need a professional racking inspection! We are your contact for safe racking.

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