About us

We are true team players: We have all the competencies in-house and complement each other’s skills. Especially in the field of security, a sound education is important. Therefore, the continuous education and training of our team is the basis of our company.

What we stand for

ProSafeCon stands for trust, transparency and professionalism.

Because we are convinced that trust is the basis of every good (business) relationship. Personal contact is therefore important to us. We want to understand how your company operates. This enables us to offer you practical solutions to meet your legal obligations that do not hinder your operational processes. How can trust be built without transparency? We are honest with you and that starts with our prices. We offer our services at package prices. This allows you to plan with a fixed budget. We do our job 100%. We do not compromise when it comes to training our employees or order processing. Professionalism is our claim, because it is about your safety.


Dr.-Ing. Cornelia Klaubert

General Manager

Markus Höhfeld

Academy Manager

Sarah Kalmbach

Head of Key Account Management

Maria Leitner

Expert Customer Management & Communication

Rahel Küffner

Expert Customer Management

Edin Hasic

Expert Customer Management

Sara Azh

Working Student Marketing

Franziska Dorn

Expert HR-Management & Office

Jens Refai

Head of Operations

Frank Severens

Expert Work Safety, Expert Dangerous Goods

Frank Czychon

Expert Work Safety

Paul Röhling

Expert Work Safety, Fire Protection

Michael Kreutzer

Expert Waste, Dangerous Goods, Fire Protection

Jörg Rohleff

Expert dangerous goods

Heiko Habelt

Expert Waste, Dangerous Goods

Mathias Robbe

Expert Dangerous Goods IATA


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