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Workplace safety specialist | ProSafeCon
Workplace safety specialist | ProSafeCon
Workplace safety specialist | ProSafeCon

External workplace safety specialist

Workplace safety specialist | ProSafeCon

Our tasks as workplace safety specialist in your company

We make sure that they know all responsibilities around occupational health and safety. As external safety experts, we train your employees. In this way, we ensure that all those involved implement your occupational health and safety tasks correctly. Regular inspections also help to further improve occupational health and safety in your company. In doing so, we take care not to disrupt your operational procedures. If necessary, we will be available to answer any questions you may have during visits to the authorities.

Consulting in the field of occupational safety and accident prevention
Participation in the risk assessment
Safety instruction of your employees
Regular inspections
Reviews of the effectiveness of the measures taken
Participation in the occupational safety committee
Establishment of the annual report

This is how we work as your workplace safety specialist

Initial consultation

We are your contact for all your questions about occupational safety. Give us a call! We will be happy to advise you free of charge to determine your specific needs in the area of occupational safety.

Workplace safety specialist | ProSafeCon

On site support

We ensure that you are aware of all responsibilities in the area of occupational safety and that the relevant legal regulations are complied with. As workplace safety specialists, we instruct your employees. In this way, we ensure that everyone involved works safely.

Workplace safety specialist | ProSafeCon

Complete documentation

We keep records of all activities. We send these to you after the inspection. As your workplace safety specialist, we establish the annual report and ensure that your operating instructions and risk assessments are up-to-date.

Workplace safety specialist | ProSafeCon

Our advantages

Workplace safety specialist | ProSafeCon

Transparent Package Prices

Workplace safety specialist | ProSafeCon

Digital Platform (PSC)

Workplace safety specialist | ProSafeCon

Germany-wide Support

Workplace safety specialist | ProSafeCon

Experienced Team of Specialists

Workplace safety specialist | ProSafeCon

Comprehensive Service Portfolio

All information one place - our PSC

With the clear dashboard of the compliance platform, you always have an overview of the processing status. You can set deadlines and assign tasks to specific contacts. All data and documents come together here. When visiting the authorities, all documents can be handed over easily and there are no delays. You can save time and nerves. Even if a new contact person comes along, no data can be lost.

Always close to you

On site at your company

We are active throughout Germany and come where you need us:

To your company.

Workplace safety specialist | ProSafeCon

Service across Germany

We look after customers in the regions of Bremen, Stuttgart, München, Mannheim, Leipzig, Köln, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Berlin, among others.

Workplace safety specialist | ProSafeCon

Your workplace safety specialist

Frank Czychon
Paul Röhling
Workplace safety specialist | ProSafeCon

Your workplace safety specialist

ProSafeCon brings safety to your company. We are your competent contact for occupational health and safety.

We serve companies in various industries. In doing so, we comply with legal regulations such as the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Occupational Safety Ordinance, the Workplace Ordinance, technical rules and DGUV regulations.

Thats what our customers say

Workplace safety specialist | ProSafeCon
Marc Schlutz
Managing Director SETOLITE Lichttechnik GmbH
Our employees were enthusiastic: ProSafeCon's training courses are very practice-oriented, so that what is learned can be applied directly.
Workplace safety specialist | ProSafeCon
Nicole Jung-Dellori
DellCon – mobility solutions
From day one, the ProSafeCon employees provide high-quality support. We are delighted with the customer service and would choose ProSafeCon again and again.
Workplace safety specialist | ProSafeCon
Sercan Karabulu
Plant manager byrd technologies GmbH
The training from ProSafeCon immediately helped us to set up internal processes to handle dangerous goods in a safe and caring manner. In addition, the team is always available for questions and is extremely competent!
Workplace safety specialist | ProSafeCon
Stefanie Schmidt
Assistant to the managementof Labor Staber
With ProSafeCon we have a reliable and competent partner who supports and relieves us at many locations.
Workplace safety specialist | ProSafeCon
Andrew Vogele
Warehouse Manager Bikebox Ltd.
ProSafeCon provides us with uncomplicated and extremely competent support for all our questions on the subject of lithium batteries in e-bikes.
Workplace safety specialist | ProSafeCon
Christos Naskos
Head of Research & Development (R&D) Fr. Ant. Niedermayr GmbH & Co. KG
The cooperation with the company ProSafeCon runs smoothly. We can only recommend.
Workplace safety specialist | ProSafeCon
Tobias Pisall
Managing Director at TRANS AURIGA GmbH
With ProSafeCon we have found a partner who communicates the dangerous goods specifications in an understandable way. The cooperation works very well - both offline and online!

Prices External workplace safety specialist

Basic Safety Support from*
€98 / monthly
  • All travel expenses included
  • Appointment as a specialist for occupational safety
  • Carrying out of inspections
  • Preparation of the inspection reports
  • Participation in meetings of the occupational health and safety committee (on-site and digital)
  • Instruction on occupational safety and health (in person and digital)
  • Preparation of the annual report
  • Advice on individual questions by email and by phone
  • Use of the PSC compliance platform
  • Individual consultation

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

* Depending on the risk class of the company and the number of employees.

Workplace safety specialist | ProSafeCon

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Workplace safety specialist


What is a workplace safety specialist allowed to do?

She may advise the entrepreneur or the company and make recommendations. A Sifa supports the company in the implementation of occupational safety measures. She identifies potential sources of danger, analyzes risks and develops appropriate prevention and protection measures. She assists in carrying out the risk assessment and in training employees.


What does the deployment time of the workplace safety specialist depend on?

The time of use in the company depends to a considerable extent on the number of employees and also on the respective industry.


Is there a difference between a safety specialist and a workplace safety specialist?

No there is no difference, the terms are synonymous.

The abbreviation Sifa, as defined in an agreement between the German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS), the German states and the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), stands for "safety specialist" or "occupational safety specialist". The decision to use the abbreviation "Sifa" was probably made because the abbreviation FASI was already used elsewhere.

The abbreviation FASI, on the other hand, stands for Fachvereinigung Arbeitssicherheit e. V. This association is related to the field of occupational safety in terms of content and represents the interests of experts in this field. Nevertheless, it is important to make a clear distinction between the terms in order to avoid confusion. You can also read more about the topic of Sifa or FASI in our blog.


Does every company need a workplace safety specialist?

Every company with 20-50 employees or more must employ a safety specialist.


Does the safety officer replace the workplace safety specialist?

Yes, we have various locations. Therefore, we are always close to you and active throughout Germany.


What qualifications does a workplace safety specialist have?

The specialist for occupational safety must have completed a special training of many years at the responsible professional association.

The basis for being able to start training as an occupational safety specialist in Germany is usually a degree in a technical or scientific field or corresponding vocational training with work experience and a qualification as a technician or master craftsman.

The training includes theoretical content such as occupational safety laws, risk assessment, accident prevention and practical experience through internships or company visits.

After successful completion, one receives a certificate of recognition as a specialist for occupational safety from the respective employers' liability insurance association.


How does the consulting contract look like?

The contract contains all relevant points of the assignment and is just under three pages long. The term is usually three years. Choose a Standard or Premium contract.


How much experience do you have as a workplace safety specialist?

We bring over 30 years of experience as workplace safety specialists.