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ADR Limited Quantity Calculator
Transporting dangerous goods in limited quantities makes things easier. Check for free if you can ship your product as Limited Quantity.
1000 Points Calculator - Calculate Dangerous Goods Points
You want to quickly check the value (1000 point rule) of the dangerous goods to be transported? Are they exempt (according to ADR or do they have to be marked? Use the free 1000 points calculator.
UN-Number and Dangerous Goods Classes: How are they related?
The UN number and dangerous goods classes form the two basic characteristics of how dangerous goods are clearly categorized. Read more here!
Dangerous Goods - Classes, Definition & Examples
According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, the register of internationally classified dangerous goods has 3,500 entries. When do goods pose a danger? What is a dangerous goods?If dangerous goods are transported by road, rail, water or air, a dangerous goods safety advisor must be appointed.
Dangerous Goods Transport: Regulations and Law
When does a transport count as a dangerous goods transport? What regulations and laws apply? Here you can find out everything about the transport of dangerous goods.
Fire Protection Concept: Structure and Contents
A fire protection concept is the entirety of all structural, technical and organizational measures. When is it required?
Building Classes - Basis For Fire Protection
Different buildings also have different fire protection requirements. Which building materials are approved for the building envelope depends on the building class to which the structure belongs. The higher the building class, the higher the fire protection requirements. Read here which building classes there are.
Carrying dangerous goods: What does a transport document (ADR) look like?
How to fill in a dangerous goods transport document? Use our transport document template and completion guide. Discover now!
ProSafeCon GmbH was successfully awarded with the "Top Service" seal
ProSafeCon GmbH was rated "very good" in an independent certification process for its outstanding services and awarded the "Top Service (DIQP)" seal.
Implement operational compliance effortlessly - with our digital solution PSC
With the PSC Compliance Platform, you always have all information quickly at hand. You always have an overview of both the defects and the processing status. All data and documents of operational compliance converge here.