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1000 Points Calculator – Calculate Dangerous Goods Points

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You want to quickly check the value (1000 points rule) of the dangerous goods to be transported? Are they below the 1000 point limit (ADR or do they still have to be labeled?

We are pleased to provide you with our free “1000 Points Calculator” at this point.

With our Dangerous Goods Points Calculator you will know within 2 minutes how your transport is doing. If you do not have all the information at hand, you can also pause our 1000 points calculator. You will then be sent a link that you can use later on any device to continue where you left off.

In our dangerous goods points calculator, dangerous goods expert MArkus Höhfeld easily calculates your dangerous goods points based on your information. Just get your UN number ready and we can start. Start the 1000 points calculator now!

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1000 Points Calculator - Calculate Dangerous Goods Points | ProSafeCon

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