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External waste specialist | ProSafeCon

Waste specialist tasks: This is where we can help you!

We advise the company’s management and employees on matters that are important for waste prevention and waste management. In addition, we take over the monitoring and control of the company’s waste management. In doing so, we monitor the paths of waste from its generation or delivery to its recycling or disposal. In doing so, we ensure that you comply with the laws and legal ordinances that apply to waste. We assume the tasks in accordance with the Waste Management Officer Ordinance (AbfBeauftrV):

Material flow analyses
Employee training
Support in the classification of waste (AVV numbers)
Support in the selection of waste management companies
Development of waste management concepts
Site visits and monitoring
Control of the waste management companies
Establishment of the annual report

This is how we work as your waste manager

Initial consultation

We are your contact for all questions concerning waste management. Give us a call! We will be happy to advise you free of charge to determine your specific needs in the area of waste.

External waste specialist | ProSafeCon

On site support

We ensure that you are aware of all responsibilities relating to waste management and that the relevant legal regulations are complied with. As an external waste management officer, we instruct your employees. In this way, we ensure that all those involved implement the waste processes in accordance with the rules.

External waste specialist | ProSafeCon

Complete documentation

We keep records of all activities. We send these to you after the inspection. As your waste manager, we are also responsible for the establishment of the annual report.

External waste specialist | ProSafeCon

Our advantages

External waste specialist | ProSafeCon

Transparent Package Prices

External waste specialist | ProSafeCon

Digital Platform (PSC)

External waste specialist | ProSafeCon

Germany-wide Support

External waste specialist | ProSafeCon

Experienced Team of Specialists

External waste specialist | ProSafeCon

Comprehensive Service Portfolio

All information one place - our PSC

With the clear dashboard of the compliance platform, you always have an overview of the processing status. You can set deadlines and assign tasks to specific contacts. All data and documents come together here. When visiting the authorities, all documents can be handed over easily and there are no delays. You can save time and nerves. Even if a new contact person comes along, no data can be lost.

Always close to you

On site at your company

We are active throughout Germany and come where you need us:

To your company.

External waste specialist | ProSafeCon

Service across Germany

We look after customers in the regions of Bremen, Stuttgart, München, Mannheim, Leipzig, Köln, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Berlin, [City template EN], among others.

External waste specialist | ProSafeCon

Your Waste Managers

Markus Höhfeld
External waste specialist | ProSafeCon

Your Waste Managers

The ProSafeCon team has the necessary expertise as well as extensive experience in handling waste. We are a practice-oriented team that pays attention to the interrelationships between dangerous goods, dangerous substances and occupational safety on the basis of our daily experience with our customers.

We continuously educate ourselves and thus guarantee professional and competent consulting in all areas of waste management.

Thats what our customers say

External waste specialist | ProSafeCon
Marc Schlutz
Managing Director SETOLITE Lichttechnik GmbH
Our employees were enthusiastic: ProSafeCon's training courses are very practice-oriented, so that what is learned can be applied directly.
External waste specialist | ProSafeCon
Nicole Jung-Dellori
DellCon – mobility solutions
From day one, the ProSafeCon employees provide high-quality support. We are delighted with the customer service and would choose ProSafeCon again and again.
External waste specialist | ProSafeCon
Sercan Karabulu
Plant manager byrd technologies GmbH
The training from ProSafeCon immediately helped us to set up internal processes to handle dangerous goods in a safe and caring manner. In addition, the team is always available for questions and is extremely competent!
External waste specialist | ProSafeCon
Stefanie Schmidt
Assistant to the managementof Labor Staber
With ProSafeCon we have a reliable and competent partner who supports and relieves us at many locations.
External waste specialist | ProSafeCon
Andrew Vogele
Warehouse Manager Bikebox Ltd.
ProSafeCon provides us with uncomplicated and extremely competent support for all our questions on the subject of lithium batteries in e-bikes.
External waste specialist | ProSafeCon
Christos Naskos
Head of Research & Development (R&D) Fr. Ant. Niedermayr GmbH & Co. KG
The cooperation with the company ProSafeCon runs smoothly. We can only recommend.
External waste specialist | ProSafeCon
Tobias Pisall
Managing Director at TRANS AURIGA GmbH
With ProSafeCon we have found a partner who communicates the dangerous goods specifications in an understandable way. The cooperation works very well - both offline and online!

Prices external Waste Managers

€205 / monthly
  • All travel expenses included
  • Appointment as waste management officer
  • 2 site inspections per year
  • Establishment of the inspection protocols
  • Establishment of the annual report
  • Development of new procedures and other measures for waste reduction
  • Inspection of the waste disposal company as additional service
  • Consulting for individual questions by mail or by phone within 48h
€316 / monthly
  • All travel expenses included
  • Appointment as waste management officer
  • 4 site inspections per year
  • Establishment of the inspection protocols
  • 1 employee instruction according to waste law per year
  • Establishment of the annual report
  • Development of new procedures and other measures for waste reduction
  • Inspection of the waste disposal company as additional service
  • Consulting for individual questions by mail, or by phone within 4h
€348 / monthly
  • All travel expenses included
  • Establishment of the inspection protocols
  • 1 employee instruction according to waste law per year
  • Establishment of the annual report
  • Development of new procedures and other measures for waste reduction
  • Inspection of the waste disposal company as additional service
  • Consulting for individual questions by mail and by phone within 4 h
  • 5 hours individual consulting e.g. for:
  • Determination of AVV numbers
  • Support for tenders (e.g. disposal company)
  • Special report to environmental officers (e.g. EMAS)
  • Support in search for laboratories

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

External waste specialist | ProSafeCon

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External Waste Officer


Who needs a waste manager?

The following companies require a waste representative: (§ 59 KrWG)

 1. The operators of the following facilities:

- Landfills until final closure

- Hospitals and clinics, if more than 2 tons of hazardous waste are generated per year.

- Wastewater treatment plants of size class 5 (= greater than 6,000 kg/d BOD5) according to Annex 1 of the Wastewater Ordinance, insofar as waste is recovered or disposed of.

- Plants requiring a permit according to the 4th BImSchV, which are listed in the following numbers of Annex 1:Plants according to numbers 1 to 7 as well as numbers 9 and 10, insofar as more than 100 tons of hazardous waste or 2,000 tons of non-hazardous waste are generated per calendar year, (These are in particular the so-called heavy industry – coal, metal production + processing…, energy, mining, quarrying, chemical products, wood processing, food, luxury food and feed products, storage of highly flammable liquids and gases, including liquid manure), as well as installations referred to in point 8, for which process type G is provided for in column c. (These are in particular recovery and disposal of waste).

2. Producers and distributors who take back waste voluntarily or on the basis of a legal ordinance pursuant to § 25 KrWG. In other words, producers and distributors who

- take back more than 100 tons of transport packaging per calendar year pursuant to Section 15 (1) Sentence 1 Number 1 of the Packaging Act. (The law defines here only transport packaging = packaging that does not accrue to the end consumer).

- take back sales packaging filled with goods. Unless the third parties appointed by them have already appointed a waste representative.

- ensure the take-back of more than 100 tons of sales packaging that does not accrue at the private end consumer. (voluntary or non-voluntary)

- take back more than 2 tons of sales packaging containing harmful substances per calendar year. (voluntary or non-voluntary)

- voluntarily take back more than 2 tons of dangerous waste or more than 100 tons of non-dangerous waste per calendar year.

- Offer to take back waste electrical and electronic equipment. Unless their contracted third parties employ a waste manager.

- Produce automotive and industrial batteries and take back automotive and industrial waste batteries in accordance with the Battery Act. This does not include producers who are members of a voluntary system for the take-back of waste automotive and industrial batteries.

3. Operators of collection systems that

-accept packaging waste generated by private end consumers.

-accept electrical and electronic equipment.

-accept waste batteries (collective and manufacturer-specific collection systems).

-voluntarily accept automotive and industrial batteries.

Violation of the obligation to appoint a waste management officer pursuant to Section 69 (2) No. 14 KrWG may be punished by a fine of up to €10,000.


Who can become a waste manager?

It is possible to become a waste manager if you have the following qualifications:

- § Section 8 of the Waste Management Officer Ordinance stipulates reliability.

- In addition, the waste representative must have a professional qualification, which is explained in § 9 of the Waste Representative Ordinance.

- Either a university degree or at least one year of practical experience is required for this qualification

- Study or activity must be in connection with one of the areas from the KrWG (circular economy system).

- Another possibility is the participation in an approved course. Regular further training is obligatory


What are the tasks of waste managers?

According to § 60 KrWG, waste officers have the following tasks:

- Advising the management and employees of the company on matters that may be significant for waste prevention and waste management.

- Monitoring and control as well as proposals for the organization of the company’s waste management,

- Monitoring the path of waste from its generation or delivery to its recovery or disposal

- Monitoring of compliance with the laws and legal ordinances applicable to waste as well as the fulfillment of conditions and requirements issued, in particular by inspecting the premises and the type and quality of the waste managed at regular intervals, notifying the company of any deficiencies found and proposing measures to eliminate these deficiencies

- Informing the employees of the public welfare hazards that may be caused by the waste or waste management activities and of the facilities and measures to prevent them, taking into account the legal provisions applicable to the prevention, recovery and disposal of waste

- Informing the employees about the possibilities of waste reduction or avoidance and waste collection

- Inspection and monitoring of the internal waste collection points

- Participation in the selection and control of the waste disposal companies working for the company

- Working towards the development and introduction of environmentally friendly and low-waste processes, including processes for the avoidance, proper and harmless recycling or environmentally compatible disposal of waste; environmentally friendly and low-waste products, including processes for reuse, recycling or environmentally compatible disposal after discontinuation of use

- To assist in the development and implementation of the above-mentioned processes, in particular by assessing the processes and products from the point of view of waste management

- To work towards the improvement of the process at facilities where waste is generated, recovered or disposed of.

- Establishment of an annual report that complies with the requirements of § 60 Para. 2 KrWG and submission to the company management

- Giving an opinion on investment decisions

- Maintaining expertise and participating in appropriate continuing education activities related to these tasks in accordance with the respective legally prescribed deadlines

- Not required by law: Maintenance of the waste disposal register

With regard to the fulfillment of the tasks as waste management officer, he is not subject to any instructions from a technical point of view. In the event of problems arising in the course of the performance of duties which cannot be clarified with the heads of the responsible organizational units, he is entitled to raise the matter personally with the responsible member of the Board of Management.


Who does the waste manager work with?

- For specialized waste management companies, it is necessary to appoint a responsible person.

- In addition, specially appointed persons who have been trained within the framework of TRGS 520 are required for pollutant collection points.

- Each collection point must be staffed by at least 2 persons.

- Both tasks are not to be confused with the waste representative.


Where are the duties of the waste manager regulated?

The basis for the appointment and their tasks are, among others, the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act (KrWG) and the Waste Management Officer Ordinance (AbfBeauftrV).


What is the advantage of having an external waste manager?

The topic of waste does not stand alone, the waste officer is also often the contact person for other topics, such as dangerous goods, dangerous substances or work safety. Here, too, they should be confident in the subject. In addition, they should be able to carry out their tasks safely in accordance with legal regulations and, for example, to represent and monitor material flows.
External knowledge and experience help here, so that you can be helped quickly and comprehensively – and at low cost.