CTU Code Training Inhouse Packing containers safely

Are you involved in loading or unloading containers? Then you are obliged to comply with the requirements for the safe packing of so-called Cargo Transport Units (CTU). In our CTU Code seminar, you will learn everything you need to know about the CTU Code in order to pack containers safely.

CTU-Code Course | ProSafeCon

Content of the Inhouse CTU-Code training

Anyone who loads or unloads cargo transport units (CTUs) must be trained according to IMDG in accordance with the CTU Code. The seminar is therefore aimed at all persons who handle containers.

To make the training as practical as possible, we come to you. This allows us to train your employees on the basis of the actual conditions that occur. With your products, containers and loading equipment.

1 day (8 hours) at your site.

Legal basis
Basic information about containers
Physical basics of load securing
Other dangers, planning and preliminary work
Inspection and loading of the container
Load securing equipment and its use
Securing (security)
Gassed containers
Correct opening of containers
Labeling of dangerous goods containers
Questions and feedback

Procedure of the CTU Code training

Appointment coordination

You coordinate with us a date on which we will visit you on site. We will discuss details, contents and the exact procedure with you. We will gladly take up your individual wishes.

CTU-Code Course | ProSafeCon

CTU Code training on site at your location

On the date we educate up to 10 participants. The participants do not have to meet any special requirements. The training is aimed at responsible drivers and shippers, shipping managers, responsible employees from transport, scheduling and fleet, i.e. all persons who are responsible for congestion, shipping as well as the transport of containers.

CTU-Code Course | ProSafeCon

Certificate of Participation

At the end of the training, all participants will receive a certificate of attendance for official positions.

CTU-Code Course | ProSafeCon

Our advantages

CTU-Code Course | ProSafeCon

Transparent Package Prices

CTU-Code Course | ProSafeCon

Digital Platform (PSC)

CTU-Code Course | ProSafeCon

Germany-wide Support

CTU-Code Course | ProSafeCon

Experienced Team of Specialists

CTU-Code Course | ProSafeCon

Comprehensive Service Portfolio

All information one place - our PSC

With the clear dashboard of the compliance platform, you always have an overview of the processing status. You can set deadlines and assign tasks to specific contacts. All data and documents come together here. When visiting the authorities, all documents can be handed over easily and there are no delays. You can save time and nerves. Even if a new contact person comes along, no data can be lost.

Always close to you

On site at your company

We are active throughout Germany and come where you need us:

To your company.

CTU-Code Course | ProSafeCon

Service across Germany

We look after customers in the regions of Bremen, Stuttgart, München, Mannheim, Leipzig, Köln, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Berlin, among others.

CTU-Code Course | ProSafeCon

Your instructor for the CTU Code training

Markus Höhfeld
Jörg Rohleff
CTU-Code Course | ProSafeCon

Your instructors for the CTU Code training

Our instructors have many years of experience in training in the areas of load securing and CTU Code. It is important to them that participants receive hands-on training, which is why they teach at your site.

Thats what our customers say

CTU-Code Course | ProSafeCon
Marc Schlutz
Managing Director SETOLITE Lichttechnik GmbH
Our employees were enthusiastic: ProSafeCon's training courses are very practice-oriented, so that what is learned can be applied directly.
CTU-Code Course | ProSafeCon
Nicole Jung-Dellori
DellCon – mobility solutions
From day one, the ProSafeCon employees provide high-quality support. We are delighted with the customer service and would choose ProSafeCon again and again.
CTU-Code Course | ProSafeCon
Sercan Karabulu
Plant manager byrd technologies GmbH
The training from ProSafeCon immediately helped us to set up internal processes to handle dangerous goods in a safe and caring manner. In addition, the team is always available for questions and is extremely competent!
CTU-Code Course | ProSafeCon
Stefanie Schmidt
Assistant to the managementof Labor Staber
With ProSafeCon we have a reliable and competent partner who supports and relieves us at many locations.
CTU-Code Course | ProSafeCon
Andrew Vogele
Warehouse Manager Bikebox Ltd.
ProSafeCon provides us with uncomplicated and extremely competent support for all our questions on the subject of lithium batteries in e-bikes.
CTU-Code Course | ProSafeCon
Christos Naskos
Head of Research & Development (R&D) Fr. Ant. Niedermayr GmbH & Co. KG
The cooperation with the company ProSafeCon runs smoothly. We can only recommend.
CTU-Code Course | ProSafeCon
Tobias Pisall
Managing Director at TRANS AURIGA GmbH
With ProSafeCon we have found a partner who communicates the dangerous goods specifications in an understandable way. The cooperation works very well - both offline and online!

Prices of the CTU Code Inhouse Training

External clients
€1390 / Day
  • All travel expenses included
  • 8 hours
  • up to 10 participants
  • On site at your company
  • Handout for instruction
  • Certificates of participation
Contract clients
€1190 / Day
  • All travel expenses included
  • 8 hours
  • up to 10 participants
  • On site at your company
  • Handout for instruction
  • Certificates of participation

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

CTU-Code Course | ProSafeCon

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CTU-Code Course


Who needs a CTU code training?

Whoever loads or unloads cargo transport units (CTUs) must be instructed according to IMDG in accordance with the CTU Code. The seminar is therefore aimed at all persons who handle containers:

Shipping personnel, dangerous goods supervisors, shipping company employees, container packing companies, and loading personnel in a wide variety of fields;

in particular to persons who load containers or are involved in the loading process.

The person who packs and secures the cargo into/onto the transport unit (CTU) is often the last person to take a look inside the unit until it is opened at its final destination. Consequently, many people in the transportation chain will rely on the skills of these individuals, including:

- Drivers of motor vehicles and other road users if the cargo unit is being transported by road;

- Railroad employees and others if the unit is transported by rail;

- Crew members of inland vessels, if the loading unit is transported on inland waterways;

- Terminal handling personnel if the cargo unit is being transferred from one mode of transportation to another;

- Dock workers, if the cargo unit is being loaded or unloaded;

- Crew members of an ocean-going vessel during transportation;

- Persons required by law to inspect the cargo; and

- Persons unpacking the cargo unit.

All of the above persons, passengers, and the public may be endangered by a poorly packed cargo container, swap body, or vehicle.


Why is CTU code training important?

The aim of the CTU Code is to provide the persons responsible for packing and loading of transport units (so-called CTUs – i.e. e.g. cargo containers or swap bodies) with tips and procedural rules of cargo transport units with CTU Code for safe packing. Both the theoretical measures and practical tips are given. In addition, the CTU Code also receives advice for all other participants in the supply chain – in particular also for the persons unpacking the transport unit.

Problems arise in particular from improperly packed and thus also unsecured cargo, incorrect information on the gross mass and the contents of the goods, as well as insufficient control of humidity – due to missing information on the transport document.

Special attention is also paid to the issue of responsibilities. According to GGVSee, the person signing the container packing certificate is personally liable for the correctness of the documents and the proper securing of the cargo in the container.

The CTU Code is intended to assist industry, employers' and workers' organizations and governments in training their personnel to safely stow cargo in containers. The CTU Code could also serve as a reference base for national regulations and become a model for internationally harmonized legislation in this area should such requirements arise.

In addition to German and English, the CTU-Code  is currently also available (for download) in French, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and Russian.


What is the aim of the training CTU- Code?

The aim of the training according to the CTU Code is that you will be able to load a CTU (container) in compliance with the law. You will learn how to handle CTUs safely so that goods can be transported without damage. Safe loading is particularly important, which we practice with you on your containers on site. We explain to you the legally compliant documentation as well as the practical feasibility within the framework of the CTU Code Annex 10.


How long does the CTU code training take?

The CTU Code training includes eight teaching units and lasts one day. The exact time planning regarding start and end we make together with you. We will clarify details, contents and the exact course of the training together with you. We will gladly take your individual wishes into consideration.


Where does the CTU Code training take place?

The CTU Code training takes place at your site. This means that you do not need to plan any travel time for your employees. We train your employees on your containers with your loading equipment so we ensure that the training is maximally relevant to practice.


What is the maximum number of participants that can attend a CTU Code seminar?

We recommend training a maximum of 10 people at a time. This way, we ensure that each participant has enough time to practice. Questions of the participants can also be addressed individually.


What previous knowledge do participants need for the training?

Participants do not need to have any special previous knowledge to attend the CTU Code training.

How much does the CTU Code training cost?

The CTU-Code training costs € 990,– inclusive of VAT plus travel expenses for up to 10 participants. There are no additional costs for handouts or participant certificates, they are all covered within the amount.