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Tools | ProSafeCon
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Tools | ProSafeCon

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Who needs a dangerous goods safety advisor?
Who actually needs a dangerous goods safety advisor? The dangerous goods safety advisor ordinance (GbV) provides information about who needs a dangerous goods safety advisor - actually. However, it is problematic to understand them. We would like to bring a little light into the darkness and explain individual points in detail.
Transport of dangerous goods: Limited Quantity Checker
Transporting dangerous goods in limited quantities makes things easier. Check for free if you can ship your product as Limited Quantity.
1000 Points Calculator - Calculate Dangerous Goods Points
You want to quickly check the value (1000 point rule) of the dangerous goods to be transported? Are they exempt (according to ADR or do they have to be marked? Use the free 1000 points calculator.
Tools | ProSafeCon

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