Fire protection

We are your specialists in the field of fire protection. As specialists, we support you throughout Germany in fulfilling your legal obligations in the area of fire protection.

Our services in the field of fire protection

External fire protection officer

We want to help you make your company safer. An external fire protection officer from ProSafeCon is the central contact person for all fire protection issues in the company.

Evacuation drill and fire safety

Evacuation drills should be conducted at regular intervals. We support you in the implementation and evaluation of the evacuation drill in your company

Fire safety inspection in the company

Our fire protection specialists help you to ensure that all fire protection measures are complied with on site and give the entrepreneur the security to meet his obligations in fire protection.

Our trainings in the field of fire protection

Inhouse fire protection assistant training

Good fire safety assistant training is enormously important for the safety of your company. A fire is a serious danger and threat to any company. The responsibility for your employees, but also the safety of your company and public safety require appropriate attention, which is taught in a fire safety assistant course.

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