Forklift license training for groups in your company

Forklift training for teams of beginners and advanced, theory and practice – get your forklift license as a team in your company with ProSafeCon

We offer training for drivers of industrial trucks with driver’s seat and driver’s stand according to DGUV principle 308-001

Who needs to take a forklift license?

Forklifts and other industrial trucks require special skills from the driver, which is why they may only be operated by suitably qualified and trained employees. The German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) prescribes a nationwide uniform and binding examination for the driving of industrial trucks, with the passing of which the so-called industrial truck license can be acquired. This qualification, often referred to as a “forklift license,” is intended to ensure that every driver knows and masters the specific functions and special features of industrial trucks and can correctly assess and avoid the associated potential dangers for himself and others.

According to Section 7 (1) of DGUV Regulation 68 “Industrial Trucks” (formerly BGV D 27), an employer may only entrust persons “with the independent driving of industrial trucks with driver’s seat or driver’s platform” who:

The required training for the forklift license is divided into three levels:

  1. general education
  2. additional training
  3. in-company training

Accordingly, every employee who drives a forklift must also obtain a forklift license. To prove this training and qualification to drive an industrial truck, a training course must be held in accordance with DGUV Grundsatz 308-001 (formerly BGG 925) ” Training and commissioning of drivers of industrial trucks with driver’s seat and driver’s platform”. A theoretical test must then be passed, followed by the practical test. After successfully passing the test, the participant receives the certificate in the form of the industrial truck driver’s license.


Why is the forklift license important?

The goal of the forklift license training is to teach forklift drivers how to safely handle the work equipment. After successful completion of the training, the driving license for industrial trucks is issued and participants are able to operate their forklift safely, economically and appropriately.

In order to maintain occupational safety at a high level, the employer is required by DGUV Regulation 1 § 4 to instruct the insured persons at least once a year. The annual instruction lasts half a day and serves to provide further training and to refresh what has been learned. We would also be happy to carry out this instruction in your company.

An overview of the contents of the forklift license:

Get your forklift license in your company as a group: The most important information

To make the training as practical as possible, we come to your company for the forklift license training. In this way, we can train your employees based on the actual conditions that occur, for example, in your warehouse.


  • Legal principles (DGUV regulations and principles, Occupational Health and Safety Act)
  • Operating manual and operating instructions for industrial trucks
  • Load center of gravity and stability of the forklift truck
  • Traffic regulations and traffic routes
  • Company regulations and instructions
  • Accidents with industrial trucks
  • Accident analysis in your own company
  • Hints for safe business operations

1 day (8 hours) at your site

Procedure to obtain a forklift license

Appointment coordination

You coordinate with us a date on which we come to your site. Details, content and exact procedure of the forklift license training we review together with you. We will gladly take up your individual wishes.

Forklift license

In addition to the theory, we accompany your employees through the practical forklift license exam. Through our on-site training they are ideally prepared for the theoretical and practical exam.

Industrial truck license

At the end of the forklift license training, all successful participants receive the forklift license which enables them to drive the forklift.

Your instructor for the forklift license

Paul Röhling is an experienced instructor for industrial trucks and a specialist for work safety.

Paul Röhling

Prices for the forklift license inhouse training for groups

Inhouse Training

990 €/ Day
8 Hours
  • Up to 10 participants
  • 1 day on site at your company
  • incl. official forklift license for each participant
  • Travel flat rate € 175,-/day

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

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Nikolett Mihalyi

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    Forklift license – FAQs

    Why is a forklift license required?

    §2 StVG stipulates that anyone wishing to drive a vehicle on public roads or places requires a (driving) permit from the relevant driving license authority.

    How long is the forklift license valid?

    The transport license is basically valid for an unlimited period of time.

    How much does the forklift license cost?

    At ProSafeCon, the full-day training to acquire the forklift license costs € 990 for up to 10 participants. Each participant receives an official forklift license at the end.

    Where does the forklift training take place?

    The forklift training takes place at your site. This means that you do not need to plan any travel time for your employees. We train your employees in your warehouse with your forklifts, so we ensure that the training is fully relevant to practice.

    What is the maximum number of participants that can obtain the forklift license?

    We recommend training a maximum of 10 people at a time. This way, we ensure that each participant has enough time to practice. Questions of the participants can also be addressed individually.

    Is a car driver’s license a requirement for the forklift license?

    A car driver’s license is not a prerequisite for driving a forklift and therefore also not for the forklift license.

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