Load securing: Training according to VDI 2700

Unsecured or poorly secured loads are among the most frequent causes of accidents. In this training course on load securing according to VDI 2700, you will learn how to secure your load correctly and thus protect yourself and other road users. After this load securing training, you will always be safe on the road.

Who needs load securing training?

All employees who are responsible for load securing need training in load securing according to VDI 2700. In practice, these are the drivers and those who load the vehicle or supply the load, i.e. the shippers or warehouse and fleet managers. This is because only those who have a direct influence on the actual loading on site can implement the load securing measures, and this should be done jointly. This is stipulated in VDI Guideline 2700 Load Securing on Road Vehicles.


Why is load securing important?

Every load must be secured against tipping, rolling and sliding, regardless of whether it is light or heavy. The load must be stowed and secured in such a way as to prevent any risk to persons even during emergency stopping and evasive maneuvers. This is because any small object can become a projectile. A toolbox weighing 5 kg generates a mass force of approx. 500 kg in the event of full braking from 50 km/h. This is why the load securing is so important. This is why load securing is so crucial for trucks, trailers and other transport vehicles.

In-house training: Load securing VDI 2700

Ladungssicherung Schulung

To make the training as practical as possible, we come to you. In this way, we can train your employees on the basis of the actual conditions that occur. With your products, vehicles and loading equipment. Together with you, we agree on the target group so that your employees only receive training on what is actually relevant for you from VDI 2700 Load Securing on Road Vehicles.


  • Physical basics
  • Legal basics
  • Errors and their consequences
  • Securing methods
  • Securing loads in the warehouse
  • Securing means
  • Basics of vehicle loading
  • Determining securing forces
  • Special problem cases
  • Questions and others

1 day (8 hours) at your site.

Procedure of the load securing training VDI 2700

Appointment coordination

You coordinate with us a date for the load securing training on which we come to your site. We will review the details, content and exact procedure with you. We will gladly take up your individual wishes.

Inhouse training load securing

On the date we train up to 10 participants. The participants do not have to meet any special requirements. The training is aimed at responsible drivers and shippers, dispatch managers, responsible employees from transport, scheduling and fleet.

Certificate of Participation

At the end of the training, all participants receive a certificate of attendance for official bodies. In this way, they can prove their participation in the load securing training in accordance with VDI Guideline 2700 Load Securing on Road Vehicles at any time.

Your Instructor for Load Securing Training

Markus Höhfeld has been a lecturer for load securing and the CTU Code for more than 10 years. He has many years of experience in the training of logisticians, warehousemen and forwarding agents. It is important to him that his participants receive practical training, which is why he teaches at your premises.

Markus Höhfeld

Prices of the training load securing VDI 2700


990 €/ Day
8 Hours
  • up to 10 participants
  • 1 day on site at your company
  • Handout for instruction
  • Certificates of participation
  • Travel allowance € 175,- /day

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

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    Load securing training – FAQs

    What is the goal of load securing training according to VDI 2700?

    The goal of the load securing training according to VDI 2700 is to enable the participants to carry out a legally compliant and safe loading of a vehicle. We explain the legally compliant documentation as well as the practical implementation according to VDI 2700. You will learn how to load and secure so that goods can be transported undamaged. Implementation is particularly important. Therefore, we practice what we have learned on your vehicles on site.

    Who must be instructed in the area of load securing?

    All persons responsible for load securing in the company or involved in the loading process, such as vehicle drivers, loaders, warehouse and fleet managers.

    How long does the VDI 2700 load securing training take?

    The load securing training VDI 2700 comprises eight teaching units and lasts one day. The exact time planning regarding start and end we make together with you. We will discuss details, contents and the exact procedure with you. We will be happy to take your individual wishes into account.

    Where does the VDI 2700 load securing training take place?

    The training takes place at your site. This means that you do not need to plan any travel time for your employees. We train your employees on your products with your loading equipment to ensure that the training is as relevant to practice as possible.

    What is the maximum number of participants that can attend a load securing training course?

    We recommend training a maximum of 10 people at a time. This way, we ensure that each participant has enough time to practice. Questions of the participants can also be addressed individually.

    What previous knowledge do participants in the VDI 2700 load securing training course need?

    Participants do not need to have any special previous knowledge to take part in the training course on load securing in accordance with VDI 2700a.

    How much does the load securing training cost?

    The load securing training costs € 990,– inclusive of VAT plus travel allowance for up to 10 participants. There are no additional costs for handouts or participant certificates, they are all included in the price.

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