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In order to comply with the legal guidelines when handling dangerous goods, you have to consider a few things.
With our free tools, you can find out in just a few minutes how many dangerous goods points you are transporting, whether you need a dangerous goods officer or up to what quantity you can ship dangerous goods as a Limited Quantity.

Our tools at a glance

1000 Points Calculator

You want to know how many points your dangerous goods load has? With our free 1000 points calculator you can calculate your dangerous goods points in 2 min.

Do I need a dangerous goods safety advisor?

Find out if you need to appoint a dangerous goods safety advisor with our free test. In German only

Limited Quantities Checker

If dangerous goods can be shipped in Limited Quantities, this means a considerable relief for all parties involved. But how large is the Limited Quantity? Each UN has an assigned Limited Quantity. With our checker you know immediately how big this is for your product.

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