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byrd Technologies GmbH | ProSafeCon
byrd Technologies GmbH | ProSafeCon
byrd Technologies GmbH | ProSafeCon

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byrd Technologies GmbH | ProSafeCon

byrd Technologies GmbH:
"Rapid growth thanks to confident handling of dangerous goods".

"ProSafeCon gives us exactly the know-how we need. They are our' single source of truth' with which we confidently handle our processes and move our customers forward."
byrd Technologies GmbH | ProSafeCon
Sercan Karabulut
Quality Manager, byrd

About byrd
Technologies GmbH

byrd Technologies GmbH | ProSafeCon

The fulfillment provider byrd has to react flexibly to different customer requirements when shipping and storing products. With the help of ProSafeCon’s customized and understandable consulting, the company can quickly implement the requirements and win new customers.

Byrd is a specialized e-commerce fulfillment and logistics company that handles the storage and shipping of items for its customers, primarily online retailers in the cosmetics, electronics and food industries. ProSafeCon supports byrd with customer-specific consulting and training on the topic of hazardous goods and adapts to the high speed of the logistics service provider with fast response times.

byrd Technologies GmbH | ProSafeCon

The problem
byrd Technologies GmbH came to us

Diverse requirements and high scope for interpretation

For our customers, we offer scalable solutions for fast delivery to consumers, with advanced warehouses worldwide and efficient shipping services,” explains Sercan Karabulut, quality management manager at byrd. 

Byrd serves various online retailers with different product types, which requires readiness for different scenarios. Karabulut emphasizes the need to consider factors such as dangerous goods classifications and secure product packaging in accordance with regulations. ProSafeCon’s expertise helps manage specific product groups due to the complexity of transportation conditions and regulatory interpretations.

byrd Technologies GmbH | ProSafeCon

The solution from ProSafeCon

Clear and good advice

For about four years, byrd has worked closely with ProSafeCon on hazardous materials and dangerous goods. They developed a strategy to meet standards, minimize risks and improve byrd’s internal quality standards, with a focus on regulatory transparency.

Customer Advisor Markus simplifies technical information for better understanding, and ProSafeCon conducts ADR training for byrd employees in addition to direct discussions.

byrd Technologies GmbH | ProSafeCon

Reliable source of specialized information

In the jungle of regulations, byrd feels safe with ProSafeCon. “They are our only source of truth,” says Karabulut. byrd transfers the knowledge into internal processes and systems, such as the picking software, making it transparent for those involved in order processing.

The picking software shows warehouse employees when they need to handle dangerous items and raises their awareness. “The people involved then check on their own: Am I trained for this?” explains Karabulut.

byrd Technologies GmbH | ProSafeCon

The result through the support from ProSafeCon

ProSafeCon’s consulting gives us a strong knowledge base on which to make intelligent and risk-conscious decisions,” says the byrd quality manager. In the fast-moving business of the fulfillment company, another point is crucial: flexibility. When byrd receives inquiries from potential new customers, a suitable concept including dangerous goods handling and compliant processes for the customer’s individual requirements must be created quickly.

ProSafeCon has very fast response times that enable us to complete transactions with our customers just as quickly,” says Karabulut. ProSafeCon’s support is therefore crucial for byrd to be able to quickly start providing services to its customers or to adapt them as needed. Sercan Karabulut says, “ProSafeCon is therefore an important interface for us to grow together.”

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