Crane operator training: make crane operator card

Working as a crane operator brings with it a lot of responsibility. Our crane operator training provides you with the qualifications to work safely on and with cranes.

Making crane operator card – Who can operate cranes?

High demands and expectations are placed on crane operators. The dangers associated with improper operation of cranes are enormous. In the worst case, errors in lifting heavy loads can even claim human lives, and this must be avoided at all costs. Therefore, crane operator training in the form of instruction is absolutely essential.

The regulations of the employers’ liability insurance associations stipulate that crane operators must have proof of training with theoretical and practical examinations. A crane certificate is therefore mandatory for working as a crane operator. The aim of crane operator training is to teach safe and reliable handling of cranes.


Make crane operator card: The most important information

To make the training as practical as possible, we come to you for the crane certificate. This way, we can train your employees based on the actual conditions that occur, e.g. in your warehouse.

The crane training is always conducted by a crane operator instructor who is specialized in this field. This instructor teaches the participants all the basic knowledge. This is not only about passing the crane license exam, but also about safety in your future job.


  • The theoretical crane operator training is divided into three parts:
  • Crane technology
  • Operation of the crane
  • Lifting gear

The practical crane operator training takes place at your site on your bridge or gantry crane:

  • practical operation of the crane
  • daily inspection of the crane
  • safety measures when handling the crane

1 day (8 h) at your site.

This is the procedure of the crane operator training

Date coordination

Arrange a date with us when we can visit you on site. We will discuss details, contents and the exact course of the crane operator training with you. We are happy to adapt to individual wishes.

Crane training

We teach you the contents required by the DGUV in the crane operator training. The crane training consists of two parts: theory and practice. We pay attention to a vivid and practical knowledge transfer in a pleasant learning environment. After participation, you have to prove your knowledge. The exam consists of a practical part and a written knowledge test.

Crane operator card

After successfully passing the written and practical final examination, we will issue you with a crane operator’s certificate based on the crane type and person. The crane certificate has unlimited validity. If the exam is not passed, it can be repeated.

Your trainer for crane operator training

Paul Röhling is an experienced crane operator trainer and occupational safety specialist.

Paul Röhling

Prices for crane operator training

Inhouse Schulung

990 €/ Day
  • Duration: 8 h (8 h plus 1 h break)
  • Until 10 participants
  • 1 day on site at your company
  • incl. official crane operator pass for each participant
  • Travel flat rate € 175,–/day

All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT.

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Specialist Customer Management

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    FAQ – Crane operator training

    What are the tasks of crane operators?

    Crane operators work in various areas. These include production facilities and halls as well as storage yards, ports or train stations. Their job is to control, operate, maintain and service cranes.

    How long is the crane operator training valid?

    The crane certificate remains valid indefinitely. However, annual instruction is recommended. In the event of changes to the operating conditions, appropriate instruction must be given. This applies, for example, to changes in the type of crane, passenger transport, control system, place of use, etc.

    According to §4 of DGUV Regulation 1, companies must instruct their crane operators at least once a year about the dangers and the possibilities for accident prevention.

    What is practiced during the practical part of crane training?

    Practical training on the crane takes place with various exercises. Particular attention is paid to the sensitive lifting and setting down of loads in a stable center of gravity position. But also the driving with loads and the interception of swinging loads are trained in detail. In addition to slinging loads, special activities such as working with a personnel transport cage are also taught. In this way, the trainees can already acquire important knowledge during their training and are thus well prepared for their later work.

    How to become a crane operator or who can make the crane certificate?

    The employers’ liability insurance association requires a theoretical and practical examination to become a crane operator or to be allowed to operate a crane. After successfully passing the exam, the crane certificate is issued. A minimum age of 18 years is required to participate in the training. In addition, the employer must confirm physical fitness.

    How can I finance the crane operator’s license?

    If you already work for a company that uses cranes, that’s a good place to start. You can arrange with your supervisors to have them cover the cost for you.

    If you are currently looking for work or want to change jobs, the employment agency may be able to help you obtain a crane certificate. Often, such training measures are covered by the employment agency or the job center.

    Otherwise, you can of course finance the crane training yourself.

    Where does the crane operator training take place?

    The crane training takes place at your site. This means that you do not need to schedule any travel time for your employees. We train your employees in your warehouse with your cranes. This way, we ensure that the training is maximally relevant to practice.

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