Dangerous goods adviser for goods class 7
Radioactive substances

Radioaktive Radioactive materials are used in many areas, even in everyday life. The safe and legally compliant transport of radioactive goods requires a broad background knowledge as well as a special training of the dangerous goods officer. We support you as external dangerous goods safety advisors in the safe handling of class 7 dangerous goods.

What is special about dangerous goods class 7?

All substances and objects containing radioactive materials belong to dangerous goods class 7. The best-known examples of this class are technetium, cobalt and cesium. The handling of radioactive substances plays an important role in the everyday work of many companies. For example, radioactive substances are used in healthcare for diagnosis and therapy, in non-destructive material testing and in many areas of research. Used radioisotopes are manifold just like the guidelines of the dangerous goods law, which are particularly extensive in the area of class 7 and require a special qualification of the dangerous goods officer. Thus, in particular in the area of classification, packaging, labeling and the transport document, a number of special regulations come into play, which the dangerous goods officer must know and implement.

This is how we work with you for class 7 dangerous goods

Initial consultation

We are your contact for transport of dangerous goods class 7.Give us a call! We will be happy to advise you on basic requirements and to work with you to determine your specific needs for class 7 dangerous goods.

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On site assistance

We make sure that you know all responsibilities around the transport of dangerous goods and that the corresponding legal regulations are complied. As external consultants for dangerous goods, we train your employees. We explain, for example, what other information must be included in the transport documents when radioactive materials are transported to ensure that all parties involved act in accordance with the rules.

Complete documentation

We keep records of all activities. We send these to you after the review. Each employee trained by us receives a certificate of attendance. As your expert for dangerous goods class 7, we are also responsible for preparing the annual report.

Always close to you

On site at your company

We are active throughout Germany and come where you need us: To your company.

Service across Germany

We serve customers in the regions of Berlin, Bremen, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Mannheim, Munich, Stuttgart, among others.

Your expert for radioactive materials of dangerous goods class 7

Michael Kreutzer is your specialist for handling class 7 dangerous goods. He is an experienced dangerous goods officer and regularly trains in the area of class 7 at the KIT in Karlsruhe. He is your competent contact for the transport of radioactive materials of dangerous goods class 7.

Michael Kreutzer

Prices dangerous goods safety adviser for dangerous goods class 7

Additional package

41 €/ monthly
  • As an additional package to the dangerous goods advisor package
  • Classification of dangerous goods according to activity/dose rate
  • Checking of transport permits and papers
  • Examination of radiation protection requirements

Price is exclusive of VAT.

Rahel Küffner

Specialist Customer Management

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    FAQ – External dangerous goods safety advisor for class 7

    When do I need a dangerous goods safety advisor as a company? Or rather, when do I need to appoint a dangerous goods safety advisor?

    Every company involved in the transport of dangerous goods must generally appoint a dangerous goods safety advisor. There are few exceptions to this. Contact us, we will be happy to check whether you are exempt from this appointment.

    Why do you need an annual report?

    The annual report is mandatory according to the dangerous goods regulation and is instated annually by the dangerous goods safety advisor. It includes all matters of the dangerous goods safety advisor’s activity such as training, accidents, special incidents as well as the transported quantity of dangerous goods.

    What is the cost of an external dangerous goods safety advisor?

    We work as your external dangerous goods safety advisor at a flat rate starting from € 940,- per year. As your external dangerous goods safety advisor, we take over all activities that are required by law: We train your employees, we establish your annual report and we check your dangerous goods processes on site. We also offer additional services such as training in load securing according to VDI 2700.

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