Hazardous substances

We are your specialists in the field of hazardous substances. As your partner, we support you throughout Germany in fulfilling your legal obligations in the area of hazardoussubstances.

Our services in the field of hazardous substances

Hazardous materials safety advisor

When storing hazardous substances, you are subject to a large number of legal regulations. Environmental protection, occupational safety and fire protection must all be taken into account. We help you not to lose the overview here and to implement the requirements in a practical way.

Hazardous substances register

The authority requires a cadastre according to the Water Resources Act?
You need a cadastre as part of the risk assessment for occupational health and safety?
Do you ship hazardous goods?
We are your contact for the uncomplicated and fast creation of a hazardous materials cadastre.

Establishment of risk assessments

The risk assessment is the central element of occupational safety. It takes experience to create it, derive the corresponding operating instructions and keep them up to date. We will gladly take over this task for you!

Substitution check

If hazardous substances are used, a substitution test must be carried out. This means that it is checked whether other, less hazardous products could also be used.

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