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The authority requires a cadastre according to the Water Resources Act?
You need a cadastre as part of the risk assessment for occupational health and safety?
Do you ship dangerous goods?
Then you need a professional dangerous goods register! We are your contact for uncomplicated and quick establishment.

Who needs a hazardous substances register?

In principle, anyone who handles or stores hazardous substances (§6 GefStoffV). Among other things, it contains information on the substance name, the classification of the hazard, storage quantities and areas of use/storage areas. It forms the basis for all relevant protective measures, e.g. from the area of occupational safety, and is also required for the establishment of the risk assessment.

Why do you need a hazardous substances register?

With a larger number of hazardous substances, it is easy to lose track of them. It is then difficult to find out which hazardous substances you are allowed to store together and which you are not allowed to store together. With our cadastre you will find the relevant information for you.

Information of the hazardous substances register

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Analysis by storage classes
Analysis of bans on mixed storage
Prohibitions of mixed loading
Analysis of water hazard
Analysis of H- and P-phrases
Information according to ADR:

  • Limited quantities
  • Packing group
  • Environmental hazard
  • Labeling
  • Bans on mixed loading
  • etc.

Additional information as needed:

  • Fire protection measures
  • Disposal
  • First aid measures (Important for first aiders)

How do we proceed?

Safety data sheets

Ideally, you provide us with the safety data sheets of all your articles according to German format as an unprotected pdf document. If you do not have the information in this form, let us talk.

Establishment of the cadastre

We establish a professional cadastre as an overview of all relevant information. You receive this data in the form of a structured Excel list that you can easily process in other systems, e.g. SAP.

Analysis and evaluation

After establishment of the cadastre we analyze the data according to the valid regulations and guidelines which have to be considered for the storage and transport of hazardous substances and dangerous goods (e.g.: AwSV, LöRüRl, TRGS, ADR).

Our specialist for the establishment of a hazardous substances register

Markus Höhfeld is a business economist specializing in logistics, a speaker on dangerous substances law at various congresses and publishes regularly with Forum-Verlag.

Markus Höhfeld

Hazardous substances register establishment prices

Register establishment

18,50 €/ Product
  • Initial setup one time: € 55,-.
  • Maintenance of the cadastre per product/SDS and year: € 10,50
  • Preparation of English or proprietary safety data sheets: by arrangement

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Rahel Küffner

Specialist Customer Management

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    Dangerous Substances Register – FAQs

    Is there a legal obligation to maintain a cadastre?

    Yes, because § 6 of the Hazardous Substances Ordinance requires the employer to keep a list of the hazardous substances used in the company.

    Is it also necessary to establish a cadastre according to ADR?

    The ADR does not make a cadastre mandatory. However, it is very helpful in daily practice if all information relevant to dangerous goods is available at a glance.

    Is an analysis also carried out within the framework of the Water Resources Act (WHG)?

    Our analysis is based on the AwSV and the model firewater retention guideline. We tell you in which AwSV level you are classified and how high the retention volume must then be.

    To what extent is the cadastre helpful in storage?

    With a larger number of dangerous substances, it is easy to lose track of them. It is then difficult to find out which dangerous substances you are allowed to store together and which you are not allowed to store together. With our cadastre you will find the relevant information for you.

    Can the cadastre also be implemented in the production sector?

    Basically, yes. However, some information required by § 6 of the Dangerous Substances Ordinance (such as the designation of the work areas in which employees may be exposed to the dangerous substance) may then not be included.

    What does the Dangerous Substances Ordinance say?

    The Ordinance on Dangerous Substances (GefStoffV) specifies rules and protective measures for employees handling dangerous substances and dangerous goods. These dangerous substances have chemical and physical properties that are considered dangerous, such as: highly flammable, toxic and corrosive. You can find out more in the official regulation from the Federal Office for Occupational Safety and Health.

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