External fire protection officer

We want to help you make your business more secure.

An external fire protection officer from ProSafeCon is the central contact person for all fire protection issues in the company.

We advise and support our customers in all matters of preventive, defensive and organizational fire protection as well as in operational emergency management.

What does an external fire safety officer do?

The tasks of an (external) fire protection officer are manifold. Fire protection officers are appointed in writing by the company, taking into account the Works Constitution Act or the Staff Representation Act. The areas of responsibility and tasks of an external fire protection officer are defined as part of this appointment. The German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) provides in the DGUV Information 205-003 “Tasks, Qualification, Training and Appointment of Fire Protection Officers” from December 2020 these 26 tasks that a fire protection officer should take over:

Employers appoint external fire safety officers out of self-interest, due to insurance requirements or legal regulations. As a general rule, a fire safety officer must be appointed in writing. A verbal agreement between employer and employee has no official validity.


External fire safety officer: tasks and duties

The fire protection officer is part of the company’s fire protection organization. The role is primarily that of a central contact person for all fire protection issues in a company. The specific requirements that both an internal and an external fire safety officer must fulfill in his or her role are derived from the following laws and guidelines, among others:

In addition, the German Occupational Health and Safety Act (ArbSchG, § 5) contains requirements for the appointment of an (external) fire safety officer.

Employers must comply with the obligation to identify hazards. These also include fire protection.

If a risk assessment identifies an increased fire risk at one or more workplaces, appropriate recommendations are made at the end of the process. Even if no immediate fines are levied, you may face difficult negotiations with insurers in the event of a claim.

The Technical Rules for Workplaces (ASR A2.2) of the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health offer clues as to which companies are particularly affected.

This is how we work as your external fire protection officer

Initial consultation

As an external fire protection officer, we are your contact for all topics relating to fire protection in your company. Give us a call! We will be happy to advise you free of charge to determine your specific needs in the area of fire protection.

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On site support

During on-site inspections, we ensure that the relevant legal regulations on fire protection are complied with. We identify sources of danger and establish proposals for their elimination. In this way, we ensure that all parties involved implement the fire protection requirements in compliance with the regulations.

Complete documentation

We keep fire protection records of all activities. We send these to you after the inspection. As your external fire protection representative, we are also responsible for the establishment of the annual report.

Always close to you

On site at your company

We are active throughout Germany and come where you need us: To your company.

Service across Germany

We serve customers in the regions of Berlin, Bremen, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Mannheim, Munich, Stuttgart, among others.

Your fire protection officer

ProSafeCon brings safety to your company when it comes to fire protection. Paul Röhling and Michael Kreutzer are your competent contact persons. They have been a fire protection officer and volunteer firefighters for many years.

Paul Röhling

Michael Kreutzer

Prices external fire safety officer

Standard from*

83 €/ monthly
  • Appointment as fire protection officer
  • 1 on-site inspection per year
  • Establishment of the inspection protocol
  • 1 employee briefing per year
  • Consultation for individual questions by mail and phone (within 48h)
  • All travel expenses included

Premium from*

109 €/ monthly
  • Appointment as fire protection officer
  • 1 on-site inspection per year
  • Establishment of the inspection protocol
  • 1 employee briefing per year
  • Consulting for individual questions by mail, by phone and chat (within 4h)
  • All travel expenses included
  • 5 hours of individual consulting per year
  • Preparation of operating instructions

*Depending on the size of the company, number of floors and building classification.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Nikolett Mihalyi

Specialist Customer Management

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    FAQ – External fire protection officer

    When do I need a fire protection officer as a company? Or when do I have an obligation to appoint a fire safety officer?

    In Germany, there is no general obligation to appoint a fire protection officer. Employers appoint fire protection officers out of self-interest, due to insurance requirements or legal regulations. Contact us, we will be happy to check what your company is legally obliged to do in terms of fire protection.

    Is an annual report required?

    An annual report in the area of fire protection is not mandatory, but can be seen as an accountability report to the management. From this report, the management can see the current status of fire protection, the measures carried out and the inspections, training and controls. The report can also be used to estimate future investments in fire protection.

    What is the cost of an external fire safety officer?

    We offer the support as an external fire protection officer from € 940,– per year for companies. We would be happy to make you an individual offer if your company is larger. Simply get in touch with us.

    What is a fire safety officer?

    The dangerous goods safety advisor, also known as the safety advisor, is the person responsible for advising and training the company on all matters relating to dangerous goods legislation. According to the law, every company involved in the transport of dangerous goods is therefore obliged to appoint a dangerous goods safety advisor.

    What are the advantages of an external fire protection officer?

    With an external fire safety officer, you do not have to burden internal employees with additional non-specialist tasks. Furthermore, the costs for the fire protection officer can be assigned to a clear cost center. In addition, an external solution avoids operational blindness.

    Are you active throughout Germany?

    Yes, we are active throughout Germany and will visit you at your company.

    How much experience do you bring to the table as an external fire protection officer?

    We are have many years of experience and serve more than 250 customers.

    Does the appointment of a fire safety officer require notification to the licensing authority?

    Where fire safety officers are required by law or by regulatory requirements, their names and any change shall be reported to the appropriate approving authority, e.g., the fire protection service, upon request.

    How is the fire safety officer appointed?

    The appointment of a fire protection officer must be made in writing by the employer, taking into account the Works Constitution Act and the Staff Representation Act. In this appointment, the area of responsibility, the tasks and the general conditions must be defined and specified.

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