Fire protection assistant training according to DGUV

Good fire safety assistant training is enormously important for the safety of your company. A fire is a serious danger and threat to any company. The responsibility for your employees, but also the safety of your company and public safety require appropriate attention, which is taught in a fire safety assistant course.

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act (§10 ArbSchG – First Aid and Other Emergency Measures) and the regulations of the DGUV, there is an obligation for fire protection assistants. According to this, every employer is obliged to train his employees at appropriate intervals in the correct behavior in case of fire.

Fire safety assistant training: obligation and quantity


Unternehmen sind zur Bestimmung von Personen verpflichtet, die im Notfall Erste Hilfe leisten, einen Brand bekämpfen oder eine Evakuierung einleiten. Diese

Companies are required to designate individuals to provide first aid, fight a fire or initiate an evacuation in the event of an emergency. These persons must be able to remain calm in dangerous situations and act confidently and responsibly. According to Section 10 of the German Occupational Health and Safety Act (ArbSchG), fire safety assistant training is mandatory in every company. The required number of people who can assume fire protection helper functions through training is determined by the risk assessment. As a rule, five percent of the total number of employees is sufficient.

Fire protection assistants contribute to workplace safety with their knowledge and skills. For example, they support the fire safety officer in preventive fire protection or take on firefighting tasks in the event of a fire. Of course, employees who take on these tasks do not act from one day to the next. They must undergo appropriate training to become fire protection assistants.

The fire safety helper training is especially suitable for:

Employees responsible for occupational safety/safety officers
Employees with fire protection tasks
Fire protection assistants (refresher training after 3-5 years)
Employees from the technical and administrative departments
Employees who are to assume the function of fire protection assistants.

Procedure of the fire protection assistant training

Our fire protection assistant training course is conducted in accordance with the requirements of ASR A2.2 and the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV). A refresher course for fire protection assistants should take place every 3-5 years.

Unsere erfahrenen Fachdozenten sind seit Jahren im abwehrenden Brandschutz Our experienced specialist lecturers have been active in defensive fire protection for years and convey their extensive specialist knowledge in an exciting and lively manner with many practical examples.

The advantage for you when we come to you is that your employees do not have to travel



  • Basic principles of fire protection
  • Operational fire protection organization
  • Function and mode of operation of fire extinguishers
  • Dangers due to fires
  • Behavior in case of fire


  • Handling and function, release mechanisms of fire extinguishing equipment.
  • Fire fighting (e.g. situation assessment, procedure)
  • Exercise with fire extinguishing equipment,
  • mode of operation and performance of fire extinguishing equipment
  • Company-specific features (e.g. electrical systems, metal fires, grease fires)

5 -6 hours

Procedure of training:

The date and start time will be coordinated with you individually by the responsible trainer.

How can I participate in the fire protection assistant training?

Appointment coordination

Book the fire safety assistant training for up to 10 participants. Contact us. We will work with you to coordinate your specific instruction needs and an individual date.

Inhouse training

We conduct the training at your site. This is carried out by one of our fire protection officers. He will clarify your specific needs with you in advance.

Certificate of Participation

No examination has to be taken. Only a practical fire extinguishing exercise is part of the seminar. After successful participation, the participant receives his personal fire protection assistant certificate.

Your trainers

Our trainers Paul Röhling and Michael Kreutzer are both fire protection officers and trained firefighter. They have many years of experience in the fields. Participants have the opportunity to ask individual questions at any time.

Paul Röhling

Michael Kreutzer

Prices of the fire safety assistant training

Inhouse training

990 €/ training
  • up to 10 participants
  • 5 – 6 hours
  • Practical fire extinguishing exercise
  • Certificates of participation
  • Travel allowance € 175,- /day

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Nikolett Mihalyi

Specialist Customer Management

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    Fire Protection Assistant Training:: FAQs

    What are the duties of a fire protection assistant?

    The tasks of a fire protection assistant are to support the fire protection officer (avoid fire loads, keep escape routes clear), to ensure that employees can leave the building independently in the event of a fire, and to extinguish incipient fires without endangering themselves.

    What are the options for fire protection assistant training?

    The legislator leaves it up to the companies to decide whether they train fire protection assistants externally or internally within the company itself. This is because certified fire protection officers are authorized to train their fire protection assistants themselves in accordance with § 10 ArbSchG, as is also stated in DGUV Information 205-023. However, as an external provider of fire protection assistant training, we can draw on our years of experience and know how to properly train your employees. Good fire safety assistant training is enormously important for safety in your company.

    How many fire protection assistants does a company need?

    The number of fire protection assistants needed is determined by the hazard assessment. For normal fire hazards – for example, working in an office – five percent of employees is usually sufficient. A higher number of fire protection assistants may be appropriate if required by the nature of the business, the fire hazard, and the number of people present during operating hours. The number of fire protection assistants must also take into account shift work and the absence of individual employees.

    How to get a fire protection assistant certificate?

    Each participant of the Fire Protection Assistant Training receives a personal Fire Protection Assistant Certificate of Participation after successful training. This certificate is recognized by all statutory accident insurance institutions, employers’ liability insurance associations, trade supervisory authorities and property insurers.

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