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Transport of dangerous goods: Limited Quantity Checker | ProSafeCon
Transport of dangerous goods: Limited Quantity Checker | ProSafeCon
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Transport of dangerous goods: Limited Quantity Checker

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Limited Quantities (LQ) is a term from the dangerous goods regulations and means that for dangerous goods, which do not exceed certain quantity limits per inner packaging, relief from the regulations of the dangerous goods regulations can be used.

Selected dangerous goods packed in small quantities (limited quantity) and in an inner and outer packaging may pose a lower risk during transportation than corresponding goods transported in larger quantities. Therefore, they qualify for some exemption from the strict packaging requirements, provided they are properly packaged and labeled. This can save considerable costs for packaging and shipping.

Check limited quantity right away

In the Limited Quantity Checker, Dangerous Goods Advisor Thomas Strigel simply names the quantity up to which you can use the Limited Quantity Regulation, based on the information you provide. All you need to know is the UN number of the dangerous goods and the corresponding packaging group. Let’s get started:

Definition of the limited quantity and what to consider

The limited quantity is the maximum quantity per inner packaging or article for the transport of dangerous goods in limited quantities and is subject to these regulations:

  • The dangerous goods must not exceed the Limited Quantity defined for the UN number.
  • The dangerous goods must be packed in an inner and outer packaging
  • The packaging does not have to have design approval, but must protect the goods from damage during transport
  • The total gross mass of the package must not exceed 30 kg, the total gross mass of trays must not exceed 20 kg
  • The outer packaging must bear a marking for limited quantities
  • The transport document must contain the entry “Dangerous goods in limited quantity + gross weight”.
  • The driver must be trained in accordance with the ADR 1.3 dangerous goods regulations.

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Transport of dangerous goods: Limited Quantity Checker | ProSafeCon

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