Fire safety inspection in the company

An entrepreneur must take care of fire protection from the very first employee. During regular fire protection inspections, for example, the signage of emergency exits, the usability of escape and rescue routes or, in the case of public traffic, the existence of fire protection regulations must be checked.
Our fire protection specialists help you to ensure that all fire protection measures are complied with on site and give the entrepreneur the security to meet his obligations in fire protection.

Scope of a fire safety inspection

A fire inspection is a scheduled check of a workplace for structural, technical and organizational fire protection deficiencies. It is the responsibility of the person in charge of the company to carry out such a fire inspection. Fire inspections are part of preventive fire protection.

Every entrepreneur must take care of fire protection. It is not necessary to appoint a fire prevention officer, but it is the responsibility of the person in charge of the company to carry out fire prevention inspections. The purpose of fire inspections is to check the technical condition of the means of preventing, spreading and fighting a fire. It serves as a preventive measure of a fire in the company and can thus protect against great damage.

The fire safety regulation must be checked by an expert at least every 2 years.

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This is how we conduct a fire safety inspection


  • inspection of fire protection documentation, including the fire protection concept, fire protection regulations, fire department plan and escape and rescue route plans.
  • inspection of escape and rescue routes: The safety and accessibility of escape and rescue routes must be ensured at all times. They must conform to the width and nature of the building codes. They must not be used for storage or stowage, especially of combustible materials.
  • inspection and maintenance of fire protection equipment and alarm devices. This includes fire extinguishers and wall hydrants, as well as manual push-button detectors to activate a fire alarm system and alert the fire department, emergency shutdowns for machinery, and manual release buttons for extinguishing systems or smoke heat vents.
  • test the fire safety knowledge of employees and, if necessary, conduct de1 required instruction so that all employees have sufficient knowledge of proper behavior in the event of a fire. In addition, the number of fire safety assistants is checked. This instruction is mandatory on an annual basis. In addition, the fire safety regulations must also be uncertain annually.

Procedure of a fire safety inspection

Preparation and planning

We plan an individual appointment with you and ask you to provide us in advance with the existing fire protection documentation, such as the fire protection concept. Our fire protection officer will review the documents sent in advance and can thus optimally plan the fire protection inspection.

Practical implementation

Our specialist comes to your site and conducts the fire safety inspection together with you. We thoroughly check the implementation of the requirements from escape and rescue routes to the fire safety knowledge of the employees.

Debriefing and evaluation

The results are summarized in an inspection report. We point out gaps and deficiencies, as well as necessary updates. This way, the contractor knows whether fire protection measures have been implemented correctly and whether he is fulfilling his obligations.

Your specialists for fire protection inspections

The fire protection inspections are carried out by our fire protection officers.

Michael Kreutzer and Paul Röhling are your competent contacts. They have been fire protection officers for many years and have experience as firefighters.

Michael Kreutzer

Paul Röhling

Prices for the fire safety inspection

Standard ab*

1490 €/ Inspection
  • Verification of the documentation
  • 1 on-site inspection
  • incl. inspection of escape and rescue routes
  • incl. inspection of fire protection equipment and alarm systems
  • 1 instruction of employees in the field of fire protection
  • incl. all expenses and travel costs

Premium ab*

1890 €/ Inspection
  • Verification of the documentation
  • 1 on-site inspection
  • incl. inspection of escape and rescue routes
  • incl. inspection of fire protection equipment and alarm systems
  • 1 instruction of employees in the field of fire protection
  • incl. all expenses and travel costs
  • 1 hour individual consultation
  • 1 training to enable employees to carry out fire safety inspections independently
  • Provision of a template or app (as requested by the customer) for creating the inspection report

Depending on the size of the company, number of floors and building classification.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

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    FAQ – Fire safety inspection

    What is a fire safety inspection?

    The fire protection inspection is the regular inspection of fire protection measures (structural, technical and organizational fire protection) at a workplace. It is part of preventive fire protection.

    Is it mandatory to conduct a fire safety inspection?

    According to § 10 of the German Occupational Health and Safety Act (ArbSchG), the employer must ensure that fires are prevented and fought and that employees and other persons are evacuated in the event of a fire. At the same time, according to § 10 (2) ArbSchG, the employer must appoint fire protection and evacuation assistants who are responsible for initial firefighting and evacuation of the building (before the fire department arrives) in the event of a fire.

    What points should be considered when preparing for a fire safety drill? Who must arrange for the fire safety inspection?

    The responsibility for arranging the fire safety inspection lies in the hands of the management. We know that many business owners do not want to bear the responsibility for this, or even cannot. Our service also includes fire safety inspections that we perform at your business or facility. Call or email us to discuss all the details in advance. We will visit your company on the agreed date and help you with the practical implementation of fire safety.

    When preparing for the exercise, the following points in particular should be taken into account:

    • Inform the responsible helpers about the planned exercise so that they can help carry it out on the day of the exercise.
    • Train those involved in the evacuation: each employee must know that it is his or her duty to learn about and then apply proper behavior.
    • Identify and resolve in advance any potential problems that could hinder the exercise, such as blocked doors.
    • Consider areas where the escape alarm may not be heard at all, such as restrooms or basements.
    • Switch the company’s telephone system centrally at the beginning of the exercise so that callers are aware of the situation.
    • Do not leave small valuables and personal items (keys, cell phones, etc.) in the building or lock them away to avoid panic or theft.

    How often and for which buildings is a walk-through mandatory?

    In principle, inspections are mandatory for all buildings. The frequency and importance of the inspection depends on the individual fire hazard in the building and the risk to persons in the event of an emergency. The following guideline values apply:

    • Small and medium enterprises without special hazards: At least every 2 years
    • Large companies and companies with increased fire risk: individual and close-meshed inspection cycles at the discretion of the company.
    • Companies with a lot of public traffic, e.g. places of assembly and companies with a high fire risk (e.g. due to hot work): daily to weekly, depending on individual circumstances.

    In general, it is recommended that a full fire safety inspection be conducted at least once a year.

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